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Heavy Metal Urine Analysis


Heavy Metal Urine Analysis



It has been shown that there are no disease processes that are not influenced by toxicants, be it chemicals or heavy metals. In our industrialized life we are exposed daily to pesticides, plastics, lead, mercury and so much more. Chronic degenerative diseases are their calling card. If you desire answers to possible causes and to know your body’s burden of these harmful agents, then get tested, get answers and get a detoxing plan from the physicians. Best when combined with GPL-Tox to test for chemical burden.

-Note: To find the bodies stored heavy metal burden it is best done via a provocation evaluation. If you are interested in scheduling for a Heavy Metal Provocation appointment ($400.00), please call the office today: (520) 396-4866

This includes the appointment fee, testing, and blood-work to clear you for provocation testing.

Please Note: DMSA prescription is a separate fee.


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