Infertility and Preconception Care

Every cell in our system has a life cycle. 


When preparing for reproduction our goal should be to have the healthiest cells possible. What is written in your current cells could be anywhere from 1 week to months old. Think to yourself… How well have you taken care of your body over the last 3 months? How well have you slept? Eaten? Exercised? Rested? In the last 90 days? 


Reproductive preparation is a necessity today. Between fast food and the “go-go” lifestyles of today our cells are no longer writing and replicating healthy cells as easily as we once did. 


The goal of preconception care is to give your and your partner’s system a time to replenish and rewrite some of our basic DNA coding that will forever be written in your children. The question is how will we do this? How do you get yourself prepared when sometimes the act of conception is spontaneous? 


The goal of preconception care is that the thought is there; you and your partner are ready. The question now is when?


Today, infertility or difficulties conceiving affect 1 in 10 individuals meaning every 5th couple will experience some form of difficulty. The question of today is why are you experiencing your difficulties in infertility and how can Dr. Sundermeyer assist you in your care. There are many causes of infertility; from diet, lifestyle, stress, PCOS, low follicle count, decreased sperm count and decreased sperm motility. 


The goal of preconception care and infertility care at Infusion Health is to prepare and help your body and your partner’s body as much as possible before much larger interventions such as IVF (in-vitro fertilization) are needed. 


Dr. Sundermeyer has taken specialized training towards integrative infertility care so she can be helpful in assisting you and your partner in getting a well-rounded approach to care. 


The first 2-4 months will consist of proper testing, appropriate supplements and guidance on emotional, and physical wellbeing. From there more specialized treatments based on testing will be implemented. 


A large part of infertility care is understanding how your body’s processes are being affected and how we can better manage the movement of those pathways. Dr. Sundermeyer focuses on helping both men and women with infertility and preconception care. 


The Program: 

**It’s a little different for each couple depending on what care they have already sought and what testing has already been done. The goal though is we get all the proper data necessary. **


The Evaluation

For Women:

  • PAP history
  • Surgical history
  • Antibiotic use
  • Heavy metal and Chemical exposure current and past
  • Day 3 hormone evaluation
  • 7 days post ovulation hormone evaluation
  • Thyroid and Adrenal function tests
  • Proper understanding of your cycles, ovulation, cervical mucus and luteal phase. 
  • Specialty testing depending on personal history: Nutrition Testing, Digestive function, adrenal stress index testing. 

For Men:

  • Testicular function evaluation
  • Surgical History
  • Antibiotic Use
  • Semen Analysis
  • Full Hormone Panel
  • Thyroid And Adrenal Function Evaluation
  • Specialty Testing Depending On Personal History: Nutrition Testing, Digestive Function, Adrenal Stress Index Testing. 


Infertility and Preconception Care are some of the regenerative medicine treatments offered at Integrative Telemedicine

Our physicians will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition in order to determine which treatment might be best for you. They will explain your options so that you can make a decision you’re most comfortable with.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, call our friendly staff today at (520) 396-4866 or fill out our online request form. We look forward to being your healthcare partner.


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