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What Is Integrative Telemedicine?

Integrative Telemedicine utilizes today’s technology to meet with your practitioner utilizing a computer or smartphone. We specialize in a specific avenue of Integrative Medicine where we walk the line of conventional and holistic medicines. It’s important to note that we do not act as primary care providers.

Below are a few of the circumstances in which Integrative Telemedicine can be a wonderful alternative to the conventional healthcare system:


  • Diagnosis and treatment of Gastrointestinal issues, Autoimmune diseases, Thyroid dysfunction, Adrenal Fatigue, Hormone Imbalances for male and females.
  • Post-treatment check ins or comply with follow ups for care.
  • Patient’s lack of ability to leave the house because of health issues or poor weather.
  • If you feel like you’ve been lost in the conventional medical model and are continuing to not get answers.
  • Peptide consultations and treatment programs including peptide therapies.
  • Fertility care and treatment of infertility for both Men and Women.

At Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health, you may benefit from not only traditional health care resources but also integrative wellness principles that shift the conversation from sick care to the entire spectrum of health and well-being.

Healthcare Virtually Anywhere

Utilizing Telemedicine Solutions is extremely simple. Commonly, the service utilizes an internet account or a toll-free phone number. Patients request an appointment, sending basic details on their condition, and afterwards the medical professional either approves or declines the appointment, or schedules it for the future. Telemedicine is a wonderful technology, however may not be suitable for every ailment or every scenario. Prior to utilizing it, analyze your personal requirements and make certain it’s an ideal time to utilize this modern approach.

Your Convenience

Individuals usually lose hours of their day when they make the lengthy commute to the physician’s office. In many cases, leaving your home to access care simply does not seem worth it– like during inclement weather conditions such as hefty rain or snow.

Telemedicine possibilities begin with benefit. With telemedicine, patients can be seen from their homes and also in some states have their prescriptions promptly sent to a local pharmacy. This approach is not just a convenience, but also a means of obtaining clinical attention whenever needed, and is exceptionally useful for people in rural areas.

Cost Savings

Patients save money when making use of telemedicine. Patients don’t see the expense of leaving work that comes with conventional visits. The price of a cash-only telemedicine service is less expensive than an immediate care center for patients.

Time Savings

Chronic ailments call for individuals to spend a great deal of time in a doctor’s office, and commuting to and from your home or work. With integrative Telemedicine you no longer have the wait or the commute or the lost time. You just log in and your doctor pulls you into your appointment while on a lunch break or when the kids are napping.

When to Make Use of Telemedicine?

When you have been from doctor to specialist and are feeling frustrated and unheard. The doctors at Infusion Health are here to listen and help you find the root cause of your concerns. We offer ample time during your initial and follow-up appointments to listen and create a proper plan of care and a more thorough set of lab evaluations to rule out and discover the main issues.

The Telemedicine Process. Easy and Convenient

Request a Visit

To get started, create an account. Then, using your phone, computer or mobile device you can select if you would like to have a video or audio exam. (Video exams may be required.)

Speak With A Provider

After reviewing your chart and medical history your provider will start the visit. Discuss your symptoms and treatment options with a board-certified medical provider, and will discuss a personalized treatment plan.

Receive Treatment

Follow your personalized treatment plan and feel better faster. If necessary, your medical provider may write a prescription; which you can pick-up at your local pharmacy.

It’s That Simple

Access 24/7 to your patient portal, no matter where you are. Share your visit details with your Primary Care Provider; with the ability to view your patient dashboard at any time.

Meet the Team of Professionals

Providing access to highly qualified, licensed healthcare providers by phone, mobile app or computer to experience immediate and lasting benefits from your home or office.

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