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Testosterone Therapy

Just as women suffer from menopause, men deal with andropause. Often synonymous with low testosterone, andropause (also known as Low-T) has started manifesting in men at younger ages due to the high stress, environmental toxins, and poor living habits that so often come with modern life. At Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health, our goal is to help support men’s hormonal health and harmony at every age.

Why settle for aging as well as all its prospective troubles? You have an alternative to prevent physical as well as mental degeneration with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Hormone Treatment is a risk-free, efficient and a dependable medical treatment that fights the biological results of aging.

Treats Andropause with Natural Testosterone

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a non-synthetic hormonal therapy that looks at the whole person. It is personalized medicine at its finest, treating only the hormones that are deficient in each individual patient. Men who are treated with BHRT see noticeable results, including the following areas – Improved Sex Drive, Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Better Sleep, Overall Wellness and Vigor, and Slowed Aging Process.

The Advantages of Testosterone Therapy

Help Protect Bones

Many studies have found that estrogen and testosterone have benefits for preventing bone loss; also some research suggests that BHRT might help defend against problems like osteoporosis or hip fractures.

Help To Improve Energy

Because declining levels of hormones like progesterone, DHEA and testosterone might be tied to your low level of energy; it’s possible to experience more mental clarity, motivation and better sleep when using BHRT.

Decrease Hot Flashes/Improved Sleep

Certain clinical studies have found that oral use of HRT is highly effective in alleviating hot flushes and night sweats; two of the most common symptoms associated with menopause and sleep disturbances.

Improve Sex Drive

Sexual issues can be caused by hormonal imbalances, which is why BHRT can potentially help with these issues. Hormone replacement therapy can and often is prescribed to alleviate these symptoms.

Testosterone Therapy Advantages

Ready to begin your Non-Synthetic Testosterone Therapy?

Dr. Kevin Wallace helps to treat male patients from around the country by scheduling an appointment by Telemedicine Services. Dr. Wallace has been focusing on Testosterone Therapy since 2012; recommending treatments that are customized to your distinct requirements.

Infusion Health provides a complete range of Testosterone Therapy programs that combat your decreasing hormone levels to ensure you feel brand-new once again. Each strategy is thoroughly developed around your existing medical history as well as way of life to supply the most effective results. Because of this individualized strategy, Infusion Health continues to assist hundreds of patients obtain and live the life they desire.

When to Make Use of Telemedicine?

When you have been from doctor to specialist and are feeling frustrated and unheard. The doctors at Infusion Health are here to listen and help you find the root cause of your concerns. We offer ample time during your initial and follow-up appointments to listen and create a proper plan of care and a more thorough set of lab evaluations to rule out and discover the main issues.

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