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Integrative Woman's Health

Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health provides unparalleled health care for women, empowering them to improve their health and wellness. When you schedule with our doctors, you will find a practitioner who is understanding of women’s health concerns. This patient-focused approach to care often leads to lifelong relationships between provider and patient.

At Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health, you may benefit from not only traditional health care resources but also integrative wellness principles that shift the conversation from sick care to the entire spectrum of health and well-being.

Leading The Way in Women's Health

There is no denying we’ve come a long way when it comes to healthcare, but women are still more likely to put their health on the back burner in order to put others first. Healthcare needs for women are unique and therefore requires unique care when it comes to access and prevention. Seeking a proactive approach to your health can help detect possible health concerns early when the prognosis is more favorable. We all know by now that making healthy food choices and exercise play a key role when it comes to overall health and well-being.

They also are key contributors to weight management, energy levels, mental illness, disease, and more. While the importance of diet and exercise cannot be ignored, preventative care is just one more piece of the puzzle in terms of staying on top of your health.

Why Women's Health is Especially Important

Athletic Performance

Women can be affected by premenstrual syndrome (PMS) manifesting in emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists believe that around 85% of menstruating women experience at least one symptom of PMS as part of their monthly cycle.

These symptoms have a lot of potential to disrupt a sportswoman’s performance. Women can experience physical symptoms such as joint and muscle pain, headaches, weight gain and low energy levels.

The emotional and behavioral symptoms caused by PMS also appear disruptive to physical activity, especially at elite levels of competition when even the smallest margins can prove decisive. These include insomnia, poor concentration, irritability and appetite changes.

There is also a severe form of PMS known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) that has many disabling symptoms, such as panic attacks, feelings of despair, binge eating and a lack of interest in daily activities, alongside the physical symptoms of PMS.

Infertility Support

The odds of a young fertile couple conceiving by having sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation are approximately one in five every month. A couple isn’t considered to have fertility problems until they have tried and failed to conceive for one year.

Approximately 15 per cent of couples experience fertility difficulties. In most cases, the couple can be helped with assisted reproductive technologies.

Around 30 per cent of fertility problems in couples originate in the woman. Another 30 per cent originate in the man and 30 per cent is found in both partners. No cause is found in around one in 10 couples investigated for infertility. This is called ‘unexplained’ or ‘idiopathic’ infertility.

Because people have children later in life than they used to, age-related infertility affects an increasing number of women and men.

Menopause Support

Menopause refers to the point when it’s been a year since the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Menopause is not an illness. It is a natural transition between two physiological phases of a woman’s life. The average age of menopause in women in the U.S. is 51.

If menopause occurs in a woman below the age of 40, it is considered premature menopause. For women older than 55, the occurrence of menopause is considered late. For most women, it takes place between the age of 49 and 52.

The period of fluctuating hormones before periods end is referred to as perimenopause. Perimenopause typically occurs during a woman’s forties.

Menopause takes place due to the occurrence of a complex series of hormonal changes in a woman. A reduction in the number of functioning eggs in a woman’s ovaries is associated with the onset of menopause. As menopause approaches, the ovaries reduce their production of estrogen hormone drastically.

Estrogen impacts various parts of the body, including bone, heart, uterus, urinary system, brain, skin, and blood vessels. Many scientists believe that the loss of estrogen may be one of the critical factors responsible for menopause.

Hormone Imbalances

Your body is capable of hormone balance. What exactly does that mean? Every person is different, so it means something different for everyone. But the unifying truth is that your body knows what to do. It has a deep, inherent healing intelligence when it comes to our hormonal system. It is not our destiny as women (and men) to suffer through our reproductive years and beyond.

Hormones are messengers. They tell your body what to do and when to do it. Estrogen and progesterone are engaged into an elegant interplay to keep our periods regular. Cortisol and adrenaline keep us alert and energized. Thyroid hormones maintain metabolism. And these are are just to name a few of the fifty human hormones that keep us in a state of well-being.

When a single hormone is imbalanced, it can set off a cascade effect of widespread health problems; everything is connected. Hormonal imbalance is rampant these days as a result of synthetic hormone use, wrong diet, lack of sleep, toxin exposure, and stress.

Woman's Peptide Therapy

Peptide treatments are designed to supplement the decreasing levels of essential amino acids and peptides in the body. These treatments are extremely versatile and have proven to be very effective.

Peptides have many different bodily functions and their base is amino acids. Certain amino acids are liable for the production of certain hormones and proteins that help our body to function at its finest. Peptides play a major role in how your body responds to diet and exercise. If the body isn’t producing enough peptides or essential amino acids, it will not perform at an optimal level.

Peptides safely and effectively improve and modulate specific parts of the body. This can involve hormone production, immune function, the sleep cycle, the production of inflammatory mediators, DNA replication, cell division and renewal, cancer cell destruction and apoptosis, libido and sexual arousal, tissue healing and the specific biological functioning of the brain, skin, eyes, urinary, and reproductive systems.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BRHT)

Bioidentical hormone treatment therapy is no longer a secret weapons in the anti-ageing war. The use of the treatments have gained world-world popularity and scientific recognition. Depending on which hormones are used to treat which conditions, they can manage symptoms ranging from stress & anxiety, help you regain a better sex life, and restore your sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life.* Side effects from Hormone replacement therapy tend to include fresher more beautiful skin, a better physique and a lot more unsolicited compliments.

What is remarkable about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is that they increase the sensitivity of insulin thus decreasing diabetes, increase bone mass, increase cardiovascular health and enhance lipid profiles. Bioidentical hormones do all these incredibly important things in addition to making you feel and look better, improving your whole life.

When to Make Use of Telemedicine?

When you have been from doctor to specialist and are feeling frustrated and unheard. The doctors at Infusion Health are here to listen and help you find the root cause of your concerns. We offer ample time during your initial and follow-up appointments to listen and create a proper plan of care and a more thorough set of lab evaluations to rule out and discover the main issues.

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