Referral Appointments

A consultation is a type of evaluation and management service provided at the request of another physician or appropriate source to either recommend care for a specific condition or problem; or to determine whether to accept responsibility for ongoing management of the patient’s entire care or for the care of a specific condition or problem.

Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health provides unparalleled health care for patients – from the convenience of their home or office.

Forget what you know about going to the doctor. Sitting on hold, crossing your fingers that you get an appointment, driving to the office and then waiting in a germ-filled room – this is the old way of visiting the doctor. Integrative Telemedicine saves you time, money and hassle.

The doctors at Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health empower their patients to improve their health and wellness. When you schedule with our doctors, you will find a practitioner compassionate of your health. Their patient-focused approach to care often leads to lifelong relationships between provider and patient.

At Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health, you may benefit from not only traditional health care resources but also integrative wellness principles that shift the conversation from sick care to the entire spectrum of health and well-being.

Preparing for an Appointment

Speak with a licensed medical provider, via computer or app (phone or tablet) from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. A basic plan can help you make the most of your appointment whether you are on your first consultation or a returning patient at Integrative Telemedicine by Infusion Health. The following tips will make it easier for you and your doctor to cover everything you need to talk about.

List and Prioritize Your Concerns

Make a list of what you want to discuss. For example, do you have a new symptom you want to ask the doctor about? Are you concerned about how a treatment is affecting your daily life? If you have more than a few items to discuss, put them in order and ask about the most important ones first. Don’t put off the things that are really on your mind until the end of your appointment.

What We Will Ask Of You To Get Our Doctors Ready And Prepared?

An online portal will be prepared for you at the time your appointment is made. Please sign in with the link sent to the email you provided us. We will have all the proper questionnaires for you waiting so that we can get a good history and understanding of your case. We will ask for a list of medication, vitamins, herbal remedies, or supplements you take and the dose. You should also have a list of names and phone numbers of other doctors you see or have seen.


If you feel it’s necessary, request that a copy of your medical records be faxed to us for the doctor to review. If you have your medical records please feel free to send them via the “Documents” section of your patient portal.


To prepare for your Integrative Telemedicine Consultation you will need a computer or mobile device with a video camera and a stable internet connection.


Secure a quiet and private location to be sure both you and your practitioner have each others’ undivided attention. A headset or headphones is very helpful to help cancel out background noise.

Be Sure You Can See and Hear As Well As Possible

To prepare for your Integrative Telemedicine Consultation you will need a computer or mobile device with a video camera and a stable internet connection. Secure a quiet and private location to be sure both you and your practitioner have each others’ undivided attention.

Be Ready to Talk About Your Self

Let your doctor know what has happened in your life since your last consultation. If you have been treated in the emergency room or by a specialist, tell the doctor right away. Mention any changes you have noticed in your appetite, weight, sleep, or energy level. Also tell the doctor about any recent changes in any medications you take or the effects they have had on you.

Caring For The Growing Needs Of The Community

Serving People Through Exemplary Health Care

Specialty Medicine With Compassion And Care

% of Americans

64% of Americans surveyed stated they would be willing to have a Video Visit with a doctor if offered or made available to them as an option.

% of the population

30% of the total United States population does not live near a trauma center. Citing the lack of access as a factor in declining healthcare.


As of 2017, 47 States cover Telehealth through the Medicaid program. Many have enacted telemedicine parity laws requiring coverage.

Average wait time (days)

With an average wait time for an appointment of 18.5 days with a Primary Care Physician; Telemedicine Services improves access to healthcare.

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Loved the time Dr. Wallace took with both my children for check ups--they thought he was terrific. And, I'm thankful for the for the work he's doing to treat the root cause of my chronic pain.
Wendy Walker
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It's hard to find doctors these days that see you as a HUMAN and not a cash sign. I am very satisfied with the care we received today and everything he had to say to us.
Jill Leitt
Facebook User Review
Here is the future of medicine, a unique and holistic, integrative path to wellness starts here. Our lives changed forever for we are now on the right path to resolving our health issues.
Rosemary Butler-Torres
Facebook User Review
I do TeleMedicine with Dr. Sundermeyer since I live in California. She is amazing--very knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate and provides a great level of care despite the distance. I highly recommend her.
Hillary Holmes
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